A witch who lives in the The Waste as she was banished there years ago.

She is a talented witch who was so beautiful that Howl pursued her, but after finding that she used magic to keep herself looking young and beautiful, he left her.

Witch of the Waste by LaurenGreiner

She placed a curse upon Howl, so that he would at some point come back to her upon the day he turn 10.000 days old. Like Howl she also has a contract with a fire demon Lily Angorian, but they have been together so long, that it has taken it's tolls on them. The witch lured Ben Sullivan out to the waste by threating Princess Valeria, after she got Sullivan, she split his body apart by magic, later she managed to get Prince Justin, and after she split his body apart, she build a third one out of the parts from both men with the exception of the head, which she intended to use Howl's head for. Her plan is to build a perfect man and with him take over Ingary and rule together as King and Queen. The remaining parts of Sullivan and the prince were used to build a servant that she named Gaston.