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Will Venables is the older brother of Rupert Venables. He is also a magid, and lives on the world of Thule with his wife, Carina Venables and six daughters. Their home is a farm, where Will raises sheep, a kind of goat, and a variety of waterfowl native to that world, including blue Thule Quacks. He drives a car which, in poor light, can be mistaken for a Land Rover. Will is the first of the brothers to learn that their mentor, Magid Stan Churning, is dying, and he rings up Rupert to get over to Stan's place right away. Rupert is thus able to be with Stan for his last hour before death.

Will becomes friendly with Maree Mallory when his brother comes to him for advice, and unwittingly is followed to Thule by Maree and her cousin Nick. Rupert is shocked and displeased to find them in his brother's world, furious that they attempted anything so dangerous as to follow him on the delicate pathways between worlds, and really outraged when Will tells Maree far more about the ways of Magids than Rupert had any intention of telling her.

Later in the novel Will makes the transit to Earth in order to help Rupert out with a working, and ends up being present for the final gripping third of the novel, the beginning and end of the magical quest, and the resolution of all the plots at the Hotel Babylon.

His daughters[]


  • He knows how to wind his brother up.
  • All of his daughters names begin with V.
  • He was the first of his brothers to become a Magid.
  • His wife Carina is very beautiful, and Will treats her as a treasure.

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