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Rupert Venables is a Magid living on Earth, whose job is to be a kind of magical policeman. Being the newest Earth-based Magid, he is assigned to manage the affairs of the Koryfonic Empire -- a group of worlds ruled by the same powerful family for over two thousand years, and a place that every Magid who has ever worked there hates with a white-hot passion.

Rupert is the third in a set of brothers who are approved as Magids, which is a thing that is very rare. Each of his brothers, Simon Venables and Will Venables, lives and works on another world with more magical ambience than that of Earth.

When the current Koryfonic Emperor dies suddenly, Rupert is charged with locating his missing heir, or heirs. At the same time, he becomes entangled in problems on Earth when he is forced to find a new Magid. The senior Earth Magid, Rupert's mentor Stan Churning, has died, and left Rupert with a list of possible replacements. In pursuing this search, Rupert becomes involved with an unusual family that includes Maree Mallory and her younger cousin Nick Mallory.


  • He wears glasses.
  • He is only 26 years old.
  • He lives alone in a country house outside London.
  • He cherishes his expensive silver automobile.
  • He is described several times as wearing silk cravats

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