Paolo Montana is the older brother of Tonino, much quicker than his younger brother and the counterpart of Renata in the Petrocchi family.

Relationship with ToninoEdit

Because he is so much quicker at traditional magic than Tonino, Paolo often gets upset - "it's not my fault I'm quick!". He was very fast in school and at home, which upset the slow, steady Tonino. However, Tonino looks up to him as Paolo looks up to cousin Rinaldo Montana. Paolo, unlike Tonino, always thought he couldn't understand cats and wished he could. Turns out he can, only he didn't realise they talked in pictures.

Part in the plotEdit

Paolo is, in the beginning, introduced as a second protagonist, the brother of Tonino. Later he goes with Tonino to see the duke and does his best to make his brother look respectable. 

At the battle between the two families on the Corso, Paolo retreats to the steps and holds on to someone he thinks is his sister Lucia. When the fog clears, however, he realises it is not Lucia but Renata Petrocchi, who thought Paolo was her cousin Claudio. Together, they realise that it was not the other family that kidnapped their siblings, because both are in fact missing. They agree to tell their families before being moved along by the ducal police.

Their families, needless to say, do not believe them. Paolo goes to the Casa Petrocchi to fetch Renata, and is the first in his family to realise that his sister's fiance Marco Andretti is in fact a Petrocchi.  When in turn Marco sees Paolo,  it is hard to tell which of them is more dismayed. 

After this encounter, Paolo and Renata make their excuses to leave and find their siblings.  They run, and end up going through a series of adventures to help their siblings, and Chrestomanci, save the day.