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Navis Haddson is a character in Drowned Ammet and The Crown of Dalemark. He is the son of Earl Hadd, and the father of Hildrida Navissdaughter and Ynen Navisson. He is instrumental in helping Mitt Alhamittsson claim the throne of Dalemark.

In Drowned Ammett

Navis first appears as a young officer who finds Mitt wandering around on the Flate. Navis sends Mitt home to his parents at Dike End, which Milda, Mitt's mother, thinks is "very kind." Milda finds out later that Navis' wife died giving birth to a son. Later in the novel, he is introduced as the father of Hildy and Ynen. Navis appears in Earl Hadd's parade, carrying the model of Libby Beer made from fruit. He kicks away the bomb that Mitt threw at Earl Hadd, which is useless because Hadd is shot moments later by a hidden sniper. After Hildy, Ynen and Mitt reach the Holy Isles, Navis ignores Mitt's warnings that the islands are not safe and that Hildy and Ynen are locked up, and is consequently locked up with them. After they all manage to escape, Navis sails to Aberath with his children and Mitt.

In The Crown of Dalemark


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