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"My Word! He's Ugly!" []

-Howl (Castle In the Air)

Howl meets Morgan


Morgan is the son of Sophie and Howl, and appears in both Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways. He is described as a largeish toddler with redish hair.

When Sophie is around eight months pregnant, Howl happens to be working on a divination spell for the King of Ingary when he discovers that a djinn plans to steal the Castle for itself. Howl sends Michael and the new apprentice away, but Sophie refuses to leave with them. She and Howl are arguing about that when the djinn comes, and Howl turns Sophie into a cat, and all of a sudden Sophie finds herself alone in the mountains north of Kingsbury.He was born as a kitten to Sophie, while she was in the from of a cat. Abdullah gave them the names Midnight and Whipper-Snapper.

With Baby Morgan

In "House Of Many Ways" Morgan is 3 years old.