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Millie Chant is a powerful enchanter, the wife of Christopher Chant and the mother of Julia and Roger Chant.

She did not originate in this world, but instead she is a former Living Aspect of the Goddess Asheth in a world in Series Ten that Christopher Chant visited in his dreams as a child. When she escaped from her world, the head Priestess found her and allowed her to stay in Series Twelve and gave her a trunk full of diamonds to provide for her.

She has brown hair, and is a powerful enchantress.

Lost in Probabilities[]

When she is around 15, she finds that the Swiss finishing school her guardian has sent her to is actually a horrible place.  She is punished for being different, the girls and the schoolmasters are horrid to her, and she is not able to learn anything useful -- just deportment and etiquette and so on.  So she runs away to Series 7, where she finds herself in a strange place that seems to be a mass of changing probabilities.  The geography and buildings change around her, but she can't find a way out, and is only able to survive because there is an old woman in the kitchen in the various buildings who grudgingly cooks things and lets her have some.  She doesn't find out until too late that the woman is a witch who is knitting her magically into staying her prisoner.

Only when Christopher comes searching her out does Millie find a way out and back to freedom.  It is quite possible that at this point, she begins to realize how much Christopher means to her.


  • Cars make her sick.
  • She is absorbed by the Millie series of girls' boarding school adventures.  She trades a Temple Cat for the books.
  • As an adult, she is surrounded by the descendants of the very same Asheth Temple Cat, Throgmorten.