Jason Yeldham, originally from East London, is a fairly major character in The Pinhoe Egg, but first appeared in The Lives Of Christopher Chant as a bootboy with an inventive sense of how to fashion diabolical magical traps -- a very useful skill when all the castle staff, major and minor, are drafted to help fight the Wraith Gang and save both Chrestomanci and the castle..

Jason Grown UpEdit

Jason's magical talents seem to have eventually turned him towards herb lore, and he first appears in The Pinhoe Egg bringing a large shipment of rare plants and herbs that he has gathered over a long period away from the castle, in adventurous circumstances in multiple series of worlds.

Jason's good looks also have a big impact on the young ladies of the Castle; both Julia and Janet Chant immediately fall in love with him and make frenzied plans to marry him when they are old enough, but are shocked and dismayed to learn that he is already married, to a young woman who will be coming to Chrestomanci Castle to join Jason and together find a house to settle down in.

The Pinhoe ConnectionEdit

Janet and Julia both find after they've met the bride, Irene Pinhoe (now Yeldham), that they can't help but like her in spite of the fact that she has broken their hearts by marrying Jason.  Irene and Jason find the perfect house in the house recently vacated by Gammer Pinhoe.  The clinching factor for Jason is that Gammer's husband, Gaffer Pinhoe (apparently dead and gone for years) was the authority on herbs who taught Jason everything he knows about plants, and the bones of his herb garden are still to be found struggling in the weedy yard of the Pinhoe mansion.    And based on the events of this novel, Jason and Irene appear to be set up to live happily ever after in the perfect house for both of them.