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Monsignor Gabriel de Witt serves as the Chrestomanci in The Lives of Christopher Chant.  A highly formal man, he has spent a long time searching for another nine-lived enchanter to become his successor in the position, but has been unable to locate anyone.  Even when he is first notified about Christopher, his instruments fail to register the boy's full number of lives because Christopher is spirit traveling at the time, and has left only a single life occupying his place in his own world.

Only after Christopher has lost a number of lives does his father take a hand, by removing him from school to take him to an enchanter by the name of Dr. Pawson for a more accurate divination of his powers.  Dr. Pawson discovers first of all what has prevented Christopher from using his own magical talents, and confirms that he is a multi-lived enchanter.  He notifies Monsignor de Witt, who sends for Christopher to come to Chrestomanci Castle for training.

Description and Characteristics[]

Gabriel de Witt is described as highly formal and reserved.  He is a tall thin man, with white hair and a beak of a nose, and sunken eyes under jutting eyebrows.  Christopher finds him extremely dislikable.  He comes across as cold and inconsiderate, although his assistant Miss Rosalie describes him as "dear" and "adorable."

Major actions in the novels & stories[]

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