Drowned Ammet
Cover Artist
Publication information
UK Release Date 1977
US Release Date
Series The Dalemark Quartet
Preceded by Cart and Cwidder
Followed by The Spellcoats


Drowned Ammet is the second chronologically of the four parts of the Dalemark Quartet, taking place just before the events in Cart and Cwidder, but some long time after the events in The Spellcoats, which is set in the antiquity period of Dalemark.

It tells two stories that merge by the middle of the book -- the story of Mitt, a young man from a poor family living in South Dalemark, oppressed by the laws and corruption of the family of Earl Hadd, and the story of two children of Navis, the youngest of Earl Hadd's sons. Those children -- Hildy and Ynen by name -- are driven by frustration to run away from home, and take to sea on the same boat Mitt happens to be hiding on. They are taken way out of their familiar waters, under the protection of two unexpected good luck charms with links to the Undying gods of Dalemark.


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