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Deep Secret
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UK Release Date 1997
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Series Magids
Preceded by '
Followed by The Merlin Conspiracy

Deep Secret is a 1997 fantasy novel by Diana Wynne Jones. It follows the life of Rupert Venables as he attempts to track down a replacement Magid, a kind of magical policeman. The only suitable replacement is Maree Mallory, who does not wish to be tracked down. Venables gets into real trouble when he is also recruited to find the heir to the Koryfonic Empire, whose current Emperor, Timos IX, has just been assassinated, along with most of the members of his court.

This ambitious and comedic novel is told in the words of two different narrators, who alternate their accounts of a critical time period in both their lives. This gives two very different perspectives on a series of events that are gradually overlapping more and more, and shows the gradual change in their reactions to what is going on around them, as well as to one another.

The novel ends with a short piece by yet a third narrator which explains events not seen by the other characters, and forms a bridge between this novel and The Merlin Conspiracy, which follows but doesn't exactly stand as a sequel to this one.