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Asheth is a goddess.  She is worshipped in one of the worlds in Series 10, and the guards in her temple are especially ferocious and aggressive.  

In addition to the worship of the actual goddess, there is always a young girl who stands in for her as the object of veneration in processions once a year.  That girl is identified by a mark on her foot, and during the time she serves as the Living Goddess, she is able to manifest the two additional arms of the goddess herself, and to do various kinds of magic.

She is also evidently attuned to the Living Goddess, since that girl is able to hold conversations with her, debate with her, and recognize Asheth's various cunning tricks, like her Very Stupid Face, which she uses to persuade people she isn't aware or paying attention to things that are going on.

Asheth's Army[]

The guards from the Asheth temple form an expeditionary force known as the Arm of Asheth, which will pursue miscreants, even into other worlds.  They are able to kill Christopher when he is taking a temple cat away from the temple.  They also pursue him to Chrestomanci Castle, but that is a lucky thing, since when some of the Wraith's minions try to break in, the Arm accidentally defends the Castle because they are busy besieging it.

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