Angelica Petrocchi is one of the main characters of The Magicians of Caprona. She is a red-headed girl with a bulging forehead and a poor temper. Angelica has the famous Petrocchi magic, just like the rest of her family, but her spells go wrong in inexplicable ways. She is famous in Caprona for having sung the wrong note in a spell and accidentally turned her father green.

Delegation to the PalaceEdit

The first time we meet Angelica is when she turns up as one of the Petrocchi family delegation to see the Duke about defense of the city.  Four members of the Petrocchi family come; so do five members of the Montana family.  In each case, the group includes the two youngest members of the family, as well as an old member and the head of the family.  Everyone else is needed for, and busy at, the Old Bridge trying to reinforce spells.

Neither the two Montana boys, nor the two Petrocchi girls, feels particularly impressed with these members of the rival family.  They are left behind sitting in a room where they are served cakes, while the elders go into another room to discuss the War.

Adventure in the PalaceEdit

Much to the chagrin of both Angelica and Tonino Montana, they were evidently studied during their visit to the Palace, because each of them receives an object that helps bespell them to go to a place from which they are kidnapped.  They find themselves in tiny form, trapped in a cardboard box decorated to look like an elegant room in a palace somewhere.  They each feel worst about being alone with a member of the enemy, but as their captivity goes on, they realize that both have been wrong about the other family, and that they are stuck working together to figure out how to get free.  Here the two of them learn who is the real enemy of Caprona, and unite to find help, escape their captivity, and eventually save their city.